Do I need to return to the dealer for service to keep my warranty valid?

Simply put this is the most commonly misunderstood part of new car ownership.  All of  the service’s and repair’s we provide are warranty approved. You can take your car to any certified independent service centre, as long as all manufacturer requirements are met per section 77 of the Canadian Competition Act.   You only need to see the dealer for recall or warranty covered repairs.

How often should I service my vehicle?

The old school of thought was service every 3 months or 5000 kms.

Modern cars have come a long way, with today’s engines, high efficiency filters and high quality lubricants, we at Quality Brake And Muffler recommend every 5 months or 5000 kms.

Do I need winter tires?

It seems to be a common misconception that you only need winter tires when its snowing.  This is true as well as false.  You need winter tires any time you’re driving in consistent temperatures of 5 degrees Celsius or lower.  The compound used to make the tread of a winter tire is softer and can conform to the road surface at lower temperatures, also the tread design is more suitable for the heavier rain in winter as well as snow and ice.

They provide better grip and control in winter driving conditions to keep you and your family safe.



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